Ways of using Dapi APIs

There are multiple options of how to move forward with exploring or integrating Dapi's APIs.

Exploring Dapi API without integration

The easiest way to explore Dapi's APIs without integration is to follow the instructions for our Postman Collection. Be aware that setting up the Connect Layer will still be required!

Integrating Dapi API with your system


The easiest way to integrate with Dapi and start accepting payments is by using one of Dapi's SDKs.

Why should you prefer SDK integration?
:white-check-mark: The SDKs offer a level of abstraction and take care of the overhead of setting up an API call with the correct request body and headers. All you need to do is call a function and pass in the required arguments.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs have built-in logic to handle more complex situations like asking for an OTP from the user during a transfer. When using direct API calls you would be responsible for implementing the logic on your own.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs have a built-in feature of being able to queue your API calls.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs support caching.
:white-check-mark: Some SDKs provide you with optional front-end features, allowing you to have a quicker integration.
:white-check-mark: The required Connect Layer for login is already set up within the SDK. You will not need to set it up separately.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs automatically handle retrieving user's permanent accessToken upon successful login.

Refer to the getting started documentation for next steps.


You can also integrate with Dapi by setting up the Connect Layer and using the API directly or using one of the API Server Side Libraries.

However, that means you will need to handle error cases and additional logic, which is otherwise handled by the SDKs:
:warning: You will need to make sure that all API calls are set up with a correct request body and headers.
:warning: You will need to take care of the flow of asking user inputs (OTPs, MFAs, Secret Questions, Captchas) from the user.
:warning: The queuing of API calls will need to be handled by you.
:warning: You will be required to use the Connect Layer - Quickstart that is provided by us. You will need to set it up.
:warning: Apart from the Connect Layer, you will need to take care of the rest of the front-end features.
:warning: You will need to exchange a user's temporary accessCode for a permanent accessToken upon successful login in the Connect Layer. Further information about user authentication.

Refer to the API Reference for next steps.

Dapi API Sandbox environment

You can test any integration with Dapi in our sandbox environment.
For the necessary set-up instructions refer to the Get Started with Sandbox documentation.