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Deposit Amount On Wallet Using Auto Flow

Auto Flow VS Create Transfer

Prior to introducing Auto-Flow method in V2 of the API, only operation you could use to initiate a transfer on users behalf was Create Transfer. However it required you to implement validations and processing logic required for each bank and multiple banks had different requirements and processing logic. For example:

  • Some of the banks required you added receiver as a beneficiary first, before you could make a deposit
  • Other banks required cool down period when adding new beneficiary...

It was up to you to ensure all these requirements were met on your side when using Create Transfer endpoint. If needed you can read more about processing using this endpoint on Deposit Amount On Wallet Using Create Transfer

What Is Auto Flow

Since the process was a bit complex, Dapi introduced Auto-Flow endpoint starting with V2 of the API. It basically does whatever Create Transfer did, but abstracts all the validations required by the banks. In other words, no more need to:

  • check cool down period
  • check banks beneficiary requirements
  • check banks first transaction requirements....

This is all managed on the API when you send Auto Flow request.

You can check out example of Auto-Flow below

    “appSecret”: “00bae841ad979345fca2e2585c000da7eac420504d189cf63315e7a6234d45c68dbd6fff749167292cd1475622805dce7a2b979db3c16e25a2897158ee63845b1043930ff603e19deb1d2d54ad9afc3d52df241d3c4e7286244a2f98a10212e38b2e9f8b0e3a7592702fa4358fb9103b93a26dd6bb92c2be0327ac054f14becc”,
    “userSecret”: “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”,
    “senderID”: “ntV7rbYoexYaGDRfLCAo8vw1xXgu2VaXXtqvNoMU0sfy6aNErfUEGMD+P6lAlkzu/GKxPeoef7d7eNoxlHKyRw==”,
                        “name”: “John Doe”,
              “address”: {
                  “line1”: “Baker Street”,
                  “line2”: “Abu Dhabi”,
                  “line3”: “United Arab Emirates”
              “country”: “AE”,
              “branchAddress”: “Deira”,
              “branchName”: “Main Branch”,
              “swiftCode”: “FGBMAEAA”,
              “iban”: “AE770351001004432453627",
              “accountNumber”: “1001004437564656",
              “bankName”: “ENBD”

Updated 2 months ago

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