Get Started with Sandbox

If you want to test your integration in the Sandbox environment, a set-up is required regardless of your integration method.


Our Sandbox environment allows you to simulate users and financial institutions with the full Dapi API workflow.

Use Sandbox to:

  • Test login process with Connect
  • Access and experiment with all endpoints supported by the Data API and Payment API
  • Simulate real bank behavior including MFA and responses

The sandbox simulates all of the Dapi API endpoints and real bank behavior for supported banks. Because the sandbox acts like a real system, bank behavior varies as follows:

  • Each bank has its own authentication process with different MFA types and requests.
  • Adding a beneficiary includes a beneficiary cooldown period that corresponds to the bank's production environment.
  • Some banks have alternative flows, such as lack of adding a beneficiary for Liv bank.

Get comfortable with our system before going live with your users’ financial data.

Get started

Step 1

Before testing DAPI APIs in the sandbox environment, you should first create at least two Sandbox Users.

Creating a Sandbox User means that you create a fictional end-user with a fictional bank account in a sandbox bank of your choice. You can then use the Sandbox User to log into the sandbox bank, retrieve the Sandbox User's accounts, transactions etc. You will also be able to transfer money from the Sandbox User to the other Sandbox User and vice versa.

Every Sandbox User that you create automatically has an identity and accounts. Users created in certain banks will also have automatically pre-populated transaction history, which is in an identical format to the real transaction history you would receive for a regular user in that bank in the production environment. See which Sanbox banks support it here.


Transfers in Sandbox environemnt

Please note that transfers in the Sandbox environment can only be done from one Sandbox user to another Sandbox user.

You can create a Sandbox User by:

Step 2 (optional)

As said before, each Sandbox User will automatically have one account.

If you require more accounts for one user, you can use the Add Sandbox User Sub Bank Account endpoint to add more accounts to the created user.

That's it! You are now set to continue your integration and testing process using the Sandbox environment and the Sandbox Users that you have created!